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Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, from having been primarily a traditional property and causality Insurance Broker Company, to a dynamic regional Insurance Brokerage provider. Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd is today active in all the regions of Kenya and a regional office in Kigali Rwanda, and plans to spread to other East African countries are underway. Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd has a shared company culture that is firmly rooted throughout the group.

 “This culture fosters consensus and mutual respect between employees and clients and has been the basis for our development and growth.”

 OUR VISION: Our vision at Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd is a declaration of our interest to be the preferred regional provider of world class brokerage services to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

 MISSION:At Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd we have unique skills that allow us to provide the best insurance Brokerage solutions in the region. We are geared towards providing world class insurance brokerage and related services in Kenya and Eastern Africa by offering innovative, quality and competitive product and services, and delivering value to our stakeholders



At Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd we believe in what we do and are motivated. We are proud of Utmost insurance Brokers Ltd- What it has been .One of our principles is that we support our employees and show them respect.


We have a strong sense of ‘creativity and problem solving’. We encourage those who challenge the status quo and those who discover new ways of exceeding our expectations.


Through strong commitment we strive continuously to do our best. We approach all the challenges we face with an open mind and in a positive manner. We believe this gives us a competitive edge and enable us to be objective in our work


Everything we do at Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd is about adding value. We strive towards providing insurance Brokerage Services that add value to our clients.


At Utmost Insurance Brokers Ltd we have the courage to invest in new initiatives, make tough decisions. We learn from our mistakes. We support individuals who are prepared to take risks and others who think along new lines. We encourage open, honest communication.

 “We strive to add value ……to all our customers’ endeavors”