About Us

UTMOST INSURANCE BROKERS is a privately held insurance brokerage firm operating in Kenya and Rwanda. Our main objective is to provide insurance brokerage services to individuals, institutions and corporate organizations, NGO’s and Government parastatals. We do our best to enable organizations achieve their goals by offering a range of satisfactory services/products to meet each client’s demands.

We aim to compete in the greater East Africa region in our different range of services provided which include:

Unlike our competitors, we offer the best rates to our clients and also pay our staff well. We also offer advice to clients on ways they can prevent and control losses in the day to day business undertakings.

The company opened for business in year 1994, starting as an Insurance Agency and since then has maintained healthy revenues and growth which has seen it positioned as a leading insurance broker agency in the region.

Our strategic plan this year is mainly driven by increased customer base and diversity to grow. However, our growth is planned conservatively in consideration and as guided in principal by financial outcome.

The Company is run by two directors who are involved in day to day operations of the company with extensive experience in General Insurance business as well as Risk Management. The two are supported by an able and skilled team of Chief Officers heading various sections – Underwriting, Claims, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Credit Control as well as logistic officers, drivers and business development and research assistants.

Our organizational structure:

The Company’s current staff establishment is structured to ensure that professionalism and technical expertise is maintained and enhanced in every key service delivery points of our business as illustrated above.

About us: Our Organizational structure


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